The First Producer of Potassium Permanganate In Middle East 

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ANA KIMIA MANGANESE Company, located in Zanjan, Iran, is the first and the only producer of permanganate potassium in the Middle East with the annual production of 5000 tons. Our production line started in the early 2015.

The company is enjoying a panel of professional and international advisors and designers and also a group of well-experienced engineers in Research and Development Unit has succeeded to construct its Production Line based on the most recent technologies.

We have recently applied for ISO and NSF Certificates and we are hoping to receive them in near future.

Our ultimate mission is to achieve the highest quality products constantly and satisfy our customers’ needs all over the world.


The Board of Director of this company has been producing Sulfuric Acid since 2006 in of their own companies. In 2009 with the growing need of Iranians to import permanganate potassium, the holders of the company resolved to establish the first permanganate potassium company in Zanjan, Iran to supply the market both within Iran and outside the country.

The plan to establish this company started under the supervision of internationally recognized advisors in 2010 and its construction phase of started in 2011. Its production phase started in 2015 and is currently producing 5000 tons of permanganate potassium.